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About Us

La Huerta was born to help and support all who strive for natural beauty, clean food and sustainability.

Bringing together a vast network of experts and specialists, La Huerta can offer a versatile array of services to facilitate the creation or transformation of any land-based project.

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Meet the Team

At La Huerta Green Design, our team is a collective of passionate individuals with diverse expertise, united by a shared commitment to creating beautiful and thriving environments. Each team member brings unique skills and experiences, making us a dynamic group dedicated to making a positive impact on the world around us.

Our strength lies in joining our knowledge and experience to create a team driven by the love for plants and nature.

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Design and planning, operations and implementation

Rob's boundless energy stems from a genuine passion for plants and the land. His standards are unmatched, always striving for excellence. With a background in Marine Biology and years of hands-on experience in permaculture and regenerative agriculture, he brings a unique blend of expertise to our team. 


Administration and operations

Peter's background in Economics and project management, along with years of experience in off-grid farm living, has cultivated a distinctive blend of knowledge and practical tools that are invaluable for any project. His unique expertise can bring significant benefits to your endeavor.

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Founder and Ambassador

Stephen is a dedicated teacher, an engaging speaker, and a genuine fruit enthusiast. He is the founder, who binds and represents multiple regenerative projects. We take immense pride and gratitude in having Stephen as an integral part of our small, yet passionate team. His knowledge, charisma, and commitment make a remarkable impact on all that we do.


Implementation and maintanence

Meet Alvaro, our Tico teacher and a true steward of the land. With a life spent mostly in the field, he embodies a genuine connection with nature. Alvaro's hard work, generational knowledge about the land, and his "pura vida" attitude make him an invaluable and irreplaceable member of our team.

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